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a simple step on how to add google analytics Question 2 Answer site tracking code.
step 1: Open Cpanel
step 2: File Manager
Step 3: Click Q2A site Folder
Step 4: Click qa-plugin folder
Step 5: Download Q2A google analytics Plugin
PluginDownload Link: https://github.com/kufeiko/QA-Google-...​
Step 6: Upload Downalod Zip format Plugin
step 7: Extract File
Step 8: Log in main #Q2A​ Example: https://education.perfect24u.com/​
Step 9: Click admin Button
Step 10: Click Plugin
Step 11: Create a #GoogleAnalytics​ account https://analytics.google.com/​
Step 12: Copy Google Analytics tracking Code and Past
Inserts Analytics code in the head and can skip for admin
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